Our law firm delivers specially made solutions to our clients in assorted industries in broad spectrum of IP matters both contentious and non contentious issues ranging from filing trademark and patent including related work, trade secrets, geographical indicators, design, prosecution of copyright, enforcement services and

IP litigation.


With timely response, our law firm is prepared to represent and advise our clients on seizure of infringing goods. We also handle IP matters in regional and international level.


The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is a new governmental body taking part in this matter. We keep any related information updated and effectively communicate and represent to ensure that our clients will be provided with the best interest that we specifically customize for assorted businesses of clients.





We have experience representing and advising corporations ranging from SMEs to major entrepreneurs with domestic and cross-border corporate matters and transaction with their expansion and investment in ASEAN, Europe and America


Advising corporations on the establishment of joint ventures between forefront rail spare part companies in overhauling the Airport Rail Link project by the State Railway of Thailand has accounted for another key experience of our firm.


We take consideration of the legal environment in particular jurisdictional areas so as to provide well-structured, cost effective and successful solutions to achieve the most beneficial outcome in relation to M&A. 





Fundraising in the primary and secondary market is accounted for effective way to upscale the business apart from ordinary loans provided by financial institutions. Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) established under The Securities Exchange of Thailand Act are effective stage for any entities expanding to the forefront position of its industry through filing and generating IPO deals in SET and MAI.


A number of Thai IPOs have been rocketing in recent years.

Capital market space enable corporations and law firm to collaborate in complying and qualifying financial and legal requirements imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


Apart from Thai capital market, certain corporations decided to sell their stocks overseas in various regions. Complexity is a major hindrance every corporation experiences.


Niche specialists are highly needed to execute such complexity as it includes unfamiliar regulatory matters and exceptions to achieve so, taking 144A rule of the US as an example. 



Our law firm has capabilities in advising lenders, borrowers and other capital providers including financial institutions and investment banks ranging from the regulatory, financial technology, risk allocation as well as mega financial projects in relation to Public and Private Partnership in infrastructure development and real estate. We also handle electronically complicated payment and cross-border financial transactions. In banking and finance space, financial restructuring frequently involves Merger and Acquisition and corporate finance matters.  


In the light of recent financial and technology development, blockchain and crypto-currency have an impact on the pathway in which banking and financial products have been developed and applied in global business. Our law firm has emphasized on regulatory development in major developed countries, emerging markets along with Thailand so as to provide fully updated legal matters to our clients.





Our law firm is headed by Isaraporn Burana-at, international trade specialised lawyer, who has in-depth understanding of local and cross-border commercial regulatory matters in relation to regional and global trade agreement application and enforcement. She is well-versed in anti-dumping, anti-circumvention, competition and tariff classification law. According to her qualifications, the steel industry is the primary focus on her doctoral thesis.


Commercial agreements and structures delivered by our law firm are delicately and specifically customized for our clients who have specific needs according to different practices in each industry. 


Tariff specifically custom classification, excise tax and international tax matters are those in close connection with international trade including imported and exported goods. 


With our highly specialized expertise in this area, we are in the best position to provide sound and effective legal advice in a timely manner.






We handle disputes in Thai court ranging from first instance court, court of appeal and supreme court. However, alternative dispute resolution has become the preferred solution for corporations instead of having lawsuits. Our firm handles a broad spectrum of work both domestic and international matters in relation to various areas of dispute including insurance, transportation, technology and telecommunication and commercial cases. 


Our law firm is capable of representing domestic and international corporations in an arbitration in different jurisdictions.

Primary International arbitral forums are available for public and private entities throughout various jurisdictions. Our firm provides acting for clients in the enforcement of international arbitral awards in Thailand.





Our firm delivers a wide range of services to insurers, reinsurers, brokers, financial institutions on local and international matters covering insurance portfolios, regulations, risk assessment and allocation, litigation and arbitration in relation to life and non-life insurance products. In an unexpected event, our firm is up for handling an array of contentious matters.





Our firm handles labour and employment legal issues ranging from general matters including employee compensation and benefits, employment contract drafting, employment regulations, outsourcing framework, fraud and corruption investigations, labour union and relations to complicated and technology-related issues including data privacy and technology information confidentiality.


We act as a counsel and represent our clients in domestic and cross-border claims arising from employment and worker issues


Specifically, in labour and employment space, we also handle the restructuring and organizing employment transfers and regulations in relation to Merger and Acquisition projects. 





The development of infrastructure specifically in energy matters has been increasing in decades through various government projects including Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and One Belt One Road (China’s OBOR). Fundraising in relation to these mega projects has brought about the collaboration especially major private corporations. 


The projects are ranging from the construction of airport, port, railway, highway, power plant, mining, petrochemicals or alternative renewable energy plant.


Complexity of financial projects related to this area is connected to Public and Private Partnership legal matters. Agencies, lenders, borrowers and seller are active role in the formation and establishment of funds


Our law firm provides a series of services to organize legal hindrance arising from the project which are frequently concerned with complicated industry beforehand. 





Our law firm delivers real estate related legal services to a wide range of clients including landlord, property owner, domestic and international developers, investors and financial institutions specifically in relation to Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs). 

We handle cross-border transactions, property transfer, environmental regulations, filing construction permits, merger and acquisition of real estate businesses, sell and lease agreement, construction and development contract, litigation and Public and private partnership in relation to real estate development in and beyond Territory.


In real estate finance, we also look at portfolio performance including the assessment and allocation of performing and non-performing loan





In the year of 2020, financial performance of corporations and individual are highly challenging according to the economic stagnant resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is undeniable that certain corporations might face financial difficulties and be bankrupt. 


As a full service law firm, we act for both creditors and debtors for the initiation of the process as well as  third-party who might be economically suffering from putting under absolute receivership by court order of the debtor's asset. 


Our services in the space of insolvency range from investigation, negotiation, bankruptcy litigation and enforcement. Additionally, the court supervised restructuring and reorganization which is an alternative for the debtors is also handled by our lawyers. Restructuring primarily includes debt recovery and certain aspects of asset liquidation.


Our law firm headed by Isaraporn Burana-at has experienced acting for Thai corporation against the State Railway of Thailand in administrative court in relation to penalty fee arising from late delivery of spare parts which had resulted from the insolvency of German supplier corporation collectively worth THB 40 million. 




Our law firm organizes domestic and international tax matters including tax planning and structuring for corporations and investors, income tax, VAT, excise tax, tax credit, custom duties, tax dispute and litigation, transfer pricing and international liability of tax under international treaties.


We also handle tax matters related to financial and financial technology products, capital markets, merger and acquisition, electronic commercial fields as well as assets and securities.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) 



Our firm acts for start-up, technology enterprises, major corporations and governmental bodies in a wide range of services including data protection, cybersecurity, cloud computing, information technology security, electronic commerce, financial technology, software, digital media, entertainment as well as telecoms and broadcasting both contentious and non-contentious matters.


We also handle domestic and cross-border issues in relation to merger and acquisition among technology, media and telecommunication entities. Being on top of the industry needs keeping pace with legal technology matters which enhances the competence of businesses. 






With highly considerable in-depth experience, legal matters related to transportation will be in good hands with our law firm. We are capable of providing specific expertise for major corporations in the industry. 


We experienced representing and advising railway related spare part supplying company in the formation of authorized and exclusive dealer contracts with spare parts, bogie and rolling stock manufacturers in Germany, UK, China. 


Additionally, our law firm was instructed to be legal advisor of a government joint venture contractor on overhauling projects with the State Railway of Thailand collectively worth THB 290 million. 


Apart from railway space, we are capable of advising contentious and non-contentious matters for dry and wet shipping logistics corporations including airlines and maritime businesses along with providing insurance related legal advice to our clients in this industry. 


Financial related matters are also in our practice. We advise our clients in financial planning in relation to buy and sell as well as lease agreement.


We also deal with arising environmental claims from operating businesses including air and water pollution.